Customer Service Portal          

The customer service portal will be accessed for all questions, help, requests etc. from the start of the implementation. This planning stage will require that the Project Manager is added to the portal and all your questions/issues will be directed through this single point of contact.

This is most important as our support team will determine where the issue can be best actioned.

Software Installation

This section provides details related to the software being deployed along with the resources required to complete this process.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is part of your Office 365 Administration Portal so deployments are initiated from this area. JayThom will work with your technical team to create the UAT (testing) and Production environments. If you’d like access to more information regarding the platform installation please following the link below.

A new deployment will require a Dynamics 365 account to allow you to manage deployments, JayThom is available to help setup the account if required.

The account will have two deployments: one for UAT (testing) and the other for Production.

SportsRM Deployment

Following the deployment of the Dynamics 365 platform JayThom will deploy the SportsRM solutions that have been agreed to for your implementation as shown below.

  1. SportsRM Core

  2. SportsRM Corporate Hospitality

  3. SportsRM Sponsorship

  4. SportsRM Business Referral

  5. SportsRM Player Profiles

  6. SportsRM Volunteers

  7. SportsRM Corporate Portal

  8. SportsRM Community Hub

Dynamics 365 Authentication

JayThom recommends the implementation of synchronised identity for your Dynamics 365 deployment which synchronises your on-premises user accounts and password hashes into your Azure Active directory.

MS Exchange can be deployed on-premises or in Microsoft’s cloud. The following link provides more information regarding the authentication models that are available.

NOTE: we understand this is an item that can be managed by your technical team but JayThom is available to support you where required.

User Details

SportsRM includes a number of security roles to manage users access to the solution(s) and their ability to create, modify or write to records, to view more information follow this link:

MS Outlook Client for Dynamics 365

The MS Outlook client is installed on the users workstation/laptop. Depending on whether you would like this user to have the ability to go “offline” or not will determine the allocation of time for the install, you should allocate between 20 and 60 minutes per workstation depending on the versions of Windows and Office etc.

The following link provides access to the download but please work with JayThom’s support team to install the application. 

Mobile Applications

There’s a free mobile app available for download along with a 3rd party app that can be purchased, we would recommend starting with the free app before looking at the paid version.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the device “store” as shown in the following link, as with the MS Outlook Client please work with JayThom’s support team when installing this mobile app.

SecurePay Account Creation

SportsRM leverages the Securepay payment gateway to transact internal and external payments. Where you already have a Securepay account we will require the merchant ID and where you don’t have an account we will need to create one. Creating an account will normally require access to the corporate portal so the bank can view the portal before confirming approval of the merchant ID.

JayThom will provide introductions to Securepay where you will complete the require documentation to create an account and receive the gateway information. There’s also options for the gateway to be taken into account and they will be explained by Securepay.


The SportsRM deployment will require the creation of web sites as shown in this section.

Corporate Portal

JayThom recommends a sub-domain be created to access the corporate portal e.g. with the test deployment of

You also have the option to leverage a current domain that can be switched over at the appropriate time. JayThom will work with your technical team to move the DNS to the new site. 

Survey Portal

As with the corporate sales portal we will also require a sub-domain or other URL for the Survey portal e.g.

3rd Party Applications

The 3rd party applications in this section have been agreed to for your SportsRM deployment.

Perfect Table Plan

The Perfect Table Plan application will be purchased directly from the vendor. This is a user based purchase at approx. $300 per user for the Professional Edition. Following the purchase a deployment key will be provided to JayThom and will be applied to the installation.


Zopim is a live chat application that can be applied to your Corporate Sales Portal. JayThom will add the code to the portal providing this live chat function.

NOTE: this is not a mandatory installation.



Please update Checklist in your applicable DropBox Folder.
For access please contact JayThom.

Customer Service Portal Access
Dynamics 365 Account Created
SportsRM deployed and configured in UAT
Dynamics 365 Authentication created
User Details Provided
MS Outlook Client Installed
Mobile App Installed
Securepay Account Created
Corporate Sales Portal
Survey Portal
Perfect Table Plan


Templates are available in your applicable DropBox Folder.  For access please contact JayThom.

  • Account & Contact Upload Template(s) >>

  • Document & Email Template(s) >>

  • Asset Upload Template(s) >>

  • Corporate Portal Design Guide >>