SportsRM and Microsoft Forms


A single view of a person has never been more important and Microsoft continues to enable insights by adding functional elements to your Office 365 platform. Microsoft Forms provides a quick and easy way to create surveys along with other data capture and we’ve now moved that capture to SportsRM.

SportsRM manages the integrity of the data capture ensuring duplication is minimised and the ability to target people with information they’ve requested is enabled.

Contact us to discuss the way this new feature extends the SportsRM Community Hub.

SportsRM & Microsoft Teams


SportsRM with Microsoft Teams provides the most powerful collaboration environment available to sports organisations and venues.

Centralised collaboration with access to SportsRM data, files, messaging and communications, live online meetings, tasks and scheduling all shared with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Sponsor entitlements fulfilment

  • Coterie groups

  • School programs

  • Community programs

  • Volunteer programs

  • Office holder meetings and governance

  • Representative programs

  • Projects

These are just a few of the ways this new collaborative environment can be used to enable processes. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

SportsRM Event Check-in App - enabling process and efficiency!

The SportsRM event check-in app had its first run with the President’s function at the Collingwood v Richmond game Friday with over 600 guests being managed. The feedback from the Collingwood events team was most positive with a number of efficiencies gained including.

  • Guest data is now pushed to the app in real time removing the need for spreadsheets and separated updates, a single view of all guests and final seating is sent to the check-in app ready for the functions.

  • Scanning tickets displays the guest details, the table and group they’re attending with along with visibility of the status of these guests e.g. if they’ve logged in what time was it etc.

  • Staff can notify each other when a VIP, speaker etc. enters the room.

  • All devices are updated so everyone has visibility of the people that have entered and the guest attendance analytics.

  • Staff can update contact details and this information is automatically updated in SportsRM.

  • We’re also about to release the automation of novelty games e.g. first goal, business card draw etc. along with auctions that could be run in not only the function rooms but also corporate suites.

  • Event Notes flow directly from the Contact record into the function guest reports. These reports can now be shared with staff and board members prior to the event with entire process automated from the data entered into SportsRM.

  • The Guest contact update enables you to capture not only the function registration but also the guests attending so you have access to additional corporate prospects.

SportsRM set for a Global Stage

The sporting world provides a complex environment where staff, administrators and board members are expected to manage relationships from a diverse range of stakeholders. Add to this the requirement to manage this information in a global environment and you can see that a targeted solution is required. Download the overview here

SportsRM is delivered as part of the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Program where we co-sell to a global customer base with a focus on repeatability. This technology platform enables processes in:

  • Sports Organisations - all sports clubs with a need to manage events, deliver activation’s and digital inventory through to fulfilment of entitlements, tickets etc. will benefit from this solution.

  • Venues - engage deeper with charge cards used through-out the venue, seamless and enhanced client experiences and insights to identify additional revenue streams.

  • Governing Bodies - no more spreadsheets to manage participants, members, sponsors, program registrations, office holders from associations and clubs, volunteers etc.

  • Sponsors - commercial organisations managing multiple corporate agreements that can include events, game-day activations, signage etc. can now be managed with approvals for allocation and management of the guest experience.

Read more along with case studies

SportsRM Connecting to Community

SportsRM provides a single view of people, companies and groups interacting with your organisation. A strong community provides the strength to all sports organisations and with limited resources managing these key stakeholders can be a challenge.

SportsRM is now connecting sports communities, removing the many manual processes that have been in place up to now. These connections are delivered via an online hub to capture information from any device at anytime.

  • Participation Registrations - capture participants and their guardians for your games, clinics, family days, school holiday programs etc. This includes payments where the program has a related cost.

  • Office Holders - manage President’s, Secretaries, Treasurers and Coordinators from the online community hub and have this information automatically update communication lists in SportsRM for quick and easy interactions.

  • Volunteers - this solution enables you to capture volunteer details via the hub or by staff adding people directly into SportsRM. The profile allows staff to quickly segment volunteers required for specific tasks ensuring your programs have the correct people ready for your programs.

  • Fundraising - the community hub also extends to the capture of funds for the fundraising programs being managed by your organisation. SportsRM then provides visibility over people that participate in these and other programs so you can reward their loyalty.

  • Grants Management - allow stakeholders to apply for grants via the community hub and manage the end to end grants process through SportsRM.

  • Loyalty Rewards - where people participate in these programs your organisation can easily identify these people to ensure they’re rewarded for their contribution.

South East Melbourne Phoenix selects SportsRM


We’re excited to have South East Melbourne Phoenix, the new NBL franchise join the SportsRM family. SportsRM has been selected to deliver a sports/commercial solution that manages daily activities including stakeholders, membership, corporate hospitality, events, sponsorship etc. Leveraging Dynamics 365/Office 365 and Power BI, SportsRM will provide a powerful way to interact with stakeholders and optimise every opportunity.

Venue Check-in and Visitor Management


SportsRM now provides the option to use mobile devices to capture Visitors with the process enabling you to add new people into SportsRM with workflows sending "info pack" emails to the visitor on creation of the record. These devices can be used at any event to capture new contacts with competitions etc. used as incentive.

The new solution also allows you to manage venue/club check-ins for contractors and meetings. The solution will have the person add their details along with the person they're there to see and an email will be sent to the staff member with all information added to SportsRM.

SportsRM - Certified in Microsoft Global Embed Program


The last 12 months has seen enormous change in Microsoft’s “cloud” and more specifically for JayThom, the Dynamics 365 platform.  

SportsRM is now certified and part of the Microsoft global embed program. We’ve been through a comprehensive certification process over the last 12-months that takes into account not only the way we develop on the Dynamics 365 platform but also practices related to integrating with Azure, external systems etc.

This certification confirms our approach to the delivery of SportsRM is inline with what Microsoft see as “best practice” in development of software solutions that leverage their Office 365, Finance Operations and Power BI platforms.

The certification also provides JayThom with the ability to deliver Dynamics 365 licensing at a much reduced rate where its embedded with a SportsRM deployment.

Netball QLD and the Firebirds selects SportsRM

Netball QLD and SportsRM

We’re excited to have Netball QLD and the Firebirds join the SportsRM family. Following a comprehensive selection process SportsRM was selected to deliver a sports/commercial solution that not only manages daily activities including corporate hospitality, membership, facility bookings, events etc. but also an enhanced stakeholder experience with the new venue front and centre for 2019.

SportsRM Event Check-in and Ticket Scanning App

SportsRM Check-in App

The new SportsRM check-in and ticket scanning app is fully integrated to the Dynamics 365 platform. The solution manages the check-in of guests to an event while displaying group details along with the category of the client e.g. VIP’s, Board Members etc. This extends to the 2D “socket mobile” ticket scanning that’s integral to the unit and displays either the guest details or their seat depending on the requirement. The solution will be released early 2019 so please the contact the office for more details.

SportsRM - Enhanced Partnerships Fulfilment


The enhanced SportsRM Fulfilment process is about to be released enabling corporate partnerships teams to manage the end to end fulfilment of entitlements. This extends the SportsRM client engagement from Business Development to Sales Management and Payment Milestones onto the Events, Signage, Branding etc. and through to fulfilment. Communicate with partners to ensure timely delivery of content, images etc. and ensure your partners are up-to-date with the required information from their partner program. 

SportsRM Event Check-in App - Coming Soon!

We're excited to announce our first SportsRM "App" leveraging Dynamics 365 to manage not only the check-in process at an event but an enhanced client engagement including:

  • Ticket scanning and the option to update guest details in real time. 
  • Visibility of registrants and guests including their category e.g. identify VIP's as they enter.  
  • Automated Business Card Draw directly from SportsRM data. 
  • Electronic management of novelty games e.g. 1st goal etc. 
  • Electronic auctions through-out the event, use the screens to display bids and winners or compete between corporate suites. 
  • Capture of corporate data from guest details.  

The "app" has followed a comprehensive UX Design process with input from many areas to ensure the most extendable solution possible and it'll soon be ready for the big league.