Netball QLD and the Firebirds selects SportsRM

Netball QLD and SportsRM

We’re excited to have Netball QLD and the Firebirds join the SportsRM family. Following a comprehensive selection process SportsRM was selected to deliver a sports/commercial solution that not only manages daily activities including corporate hospitality, membership, facility bookings, events etc. but also an enhanced stakeholder experience with the new venue front and centre for 2019.

SportsRM Event Check-in and Ticket Scanning App

SportsRM Check-in App

The new SportsRM check-in and ticket scanning app is fully integrated to the Dynamics 365 platform. The solution manages the check-in of guests to an event while displaying group details along with the category of the client e.g. VIP’s, Board Members etc. This extends to the 2D “socket mobile” ticket scanning that’s integral to the unit and displays either the guest details or their seat depending on the requirement. The solution will be released early 2019 so please the contact the office for more details.

SportsRM - Enhanced Partnerships Fulfilment


The enhanced SportsRM Fulfilment process is about to be released enabling corporate partnerships teams to manage the end to end fulfilment of entitlements. This extends the SportsRM client engagement from Business Development to Sales Management and Payment Milestones onto the Events, Signage, Branding etc. and through to fulfilment. Communicate with partners to ensure timely delivery of content, images etc. and ensure your partners are up-to-date with the required information from their partner program. 

SportsRM Event Check-in App - Coming Soon!

We're excited to announce our first SportsRM "App" leveraging Dynamics 365 to manage not only the check-in process at an event but an enhanced client engagement including:

  • Ticket scanning and the option to update guest details in real time. 
  • Visibility of registrants and guests including their category e.g. identify VIP's as they enter.  
  • Automated Business Card Draw directly from SportsRM data. 
  • Electronic management of novelty games e.g. 1st goal etc. 
  • Electronic auctions through-out the event, use the screens to display bids and winners or compete between corporate suites. 
  • Capture of corporate data from guest details.  

The "app" has followed a comprehensive UX Design process with input from many areas to ensure the most extendable solution possible and it'll soon be ready for the big league.   


Experian and SportsRM - corporate partnerships!


Experian and SportsRM - corporate partnerships leverage “insights to unlock the power of data to realize opportunities for people and organisations”

Corporate partnerships in sports have evolved and can no longer be pursued or maintained based on brand and emotion alone. Sponsors, and potential sponsors, have access to more data and analytics than ever before to determine the most productive return they can expect from every dollar they spend. Clubs have also become far more innovative offering exposure to potential sponsors in more than one area e.g. the Adelaide Crows has a men’s and women’s football team, an e-Sports team and Academies that feed through to these elite environments, clubs can also manage venues, gaming facilities etc. 

The aggregation of data from often multiple disparate sources enables clubs to have a single view of their stakeholders which combined with the right analytics provides invaluable insights for enhanced decision making.

JayThom is excited to announce our new partnership with Experian. With a global presence in 37 countries, Experian is dedicated in helping their clients harness the power of data allowing organisations to identify new opportunities and better serve their customers. Our SportsRM clients will now have the ability to connect with this powerful analytics platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI delivering science to the complex corporate partnerships enablement process.

Working with Microsoft, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Experian we deliver an end to end user experience reducing the need for organisations to maintain costly resource budgets related to Business Analysts, Data Analytics Specialists and Sales Methodology Consultants.

Leverage your investment in SportsRM, Dynamics 365 and Power BI to unlock your data so you can concentrate on selling with real science behind a target partner audience. 

Call us to discuss how this solution can benefit your organisation.  

SportsRM e-ticketing extended and enhanced


SportsRM has been delivering corporate e-ticketing and mobile ticketing at the SCG, MCG and Adelaide Oval for a number of years with our comprehensive integration to Ticketek. We're now very excited to announce that our e-ticketing solution has been enhanced to include Ticketmaster venues along with the option to manage ticketing from any venue where the ticketing vendor can provide barcodes. 

Add to this the option to manage your internal events with our end to end ticketing delivery including Senor scanners and reserved seating all delivered from SportsRM. We'll look forward to discussing your requirements. 

SportsRM Asset Package Builder "NEW"


Managing assets for delivery to the corporate sales team requires input from many areas and SportsRM provides the ability to build packages specific to client requirements. The new SportsRM Asset Package Builder enhances this user interaction ensuring a simple process to build the package while viewing the cost as the build proceeds. The new automated package builder also removes a number of manual processes which in turn will remove the chance of mistakes being made. 

SportsRM - Reserved Seat Management


We've been working hard to deliver enhanced features related to the management of ticketing and our new "Reserved Seating" function with integration to Ticketek provides this outcome. You now have the option to allocate reserved seats related to memberships, corporate function areas etc. and our integration delivers the request via Ticketek to the client. This is a fully automated process.