Experian and SportsRM - corporate partnerships!


Experian and SportsRM - corporate partnerships leverage “insights to unlock the power of data to realize opportunities for people and organisations”

Corporate partnerships in sports have evolved and can no longer be pursued or maintained based on brand and emotion alone. Sponsors, and potential sponsors, have access to more data and analytics than ever before to determine the most productive return they can expect from every dollar they spend. Clubs have also become far more innovative offering exposure to potential sponsors in more than one area e.g. the Adelaide Crows has a men’s and women’s football team, an e-Sports team and Academies that feed through to these elite environments, clubs can also manage venues, gaming facilities etc. 

The aggregation of data from often multiple disparate sources enables clubs to have a single view of their stakeholders which combined with the right analytics provides invaluable insights for enhanced decision making.

JayThom is excited to announce our new partnership with Experian. With a global presence in 37 countries, Experian is dedicated in helping their clients harness the power of data allowing organisations to identify new opportunities and better serve their customers. Our SportsRM clients will now have the ability to connect with this powerful analytics platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI delivering science to the complex corporate partnerships enablement process.

Working with Microsoft, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Experian we deliver an end to end user experience reducing the need for organisations to maintain costly resource budgets related to Business Analysts, Data Analytics Specialists and Sales Methodology Consultants.

Leverage your investment in SportsRM, Dynamics 365 and Power BI to unlock your data so you can concentrate on selling with real science behind a target partner audience. 

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