SportsRM Connecting to Community

SportsRM provides a single view of people, companies and groups interacting with your organisation. A strong community provides the strength to all sports organisations and with limited resources managing these key stakeholders can be a challenge.

SportsRM is now connecting sports communities, removing the many manual processes that have been in place up to now. These connections are delivered via an online hub to capture information from any device at anytime.

  • Participation Registrations - capture participants and their guardians for your games, clinics, family days, school holiday programs etc. This includes payments where the program has a related cost.

  • Office Holders - manage President’s, Secretaries, Treasurers and Coordinators from the online community hub and have this information automatically update communication lists in SportsRM for quick and easy interactions.

  • Volunteers - this solution enables you to capture volunteer details via the hub or by staff adding people directly into SportsRM. The profile allows staff to quickly segment volunteers required for specific tasks ensuring your programs have the correct people ready for your programs.

  • Fundraising - the community hub also extends to the capture of funds for the fundraising programs being managed by your organisation. SportsRM then provides visibility over people that participate in these and other programs so you can reward their loyalty.

  • Grants Management - allow stakeholders to apply for grants via the community hub and manage the end to end grants process through SportsRM.

  • Loyalty Rewards - where people participate in these programs your organisation can easily identify these people to ensure they’re rewarded for their contribution.