SportsRM Event Check-in App - enabling process and efficiency!

The SportsRM event check-in app had its first run with the President’s function at the Collingwood v Richmond game Friday with over 600 guests being managed. The feedback from the Collingwood events team was most positive with a number of efficiencies gained including.

  • Guest data is now pushed to the app in real time removing the need for spreadsheets and separated updates, a single view of all guests and final seating is sent to the check-in app ready for the functions.

  • Scanning tickets displays the guest details, the table and group they’re attending with along with visibility of the status of these guests e.g. if they’ve logged in what time was it etc.

  • Staff can notify each other when a VIP, speaker etc. enters the room.

  • All devices are updated so everyone has visibility of the people that have entered and the guest attendance analytics.

  • Staff can update contact details and this information is automatically updated in SportsRM.

  • We’re also about to release the automation of novelty games e.g. first goal, business card draw etc. along with auctions that could be run in not only the function rooms but also corporate suites.

  • Event Notes flow directly from the Contact record into the function guest reports. These reports can now be shared with staff and board members prior to the event with entire process automated from the data entered into SportsRM.

  • The Guest contact update enables you to capture not only the function registration but also the guests attending so you have access to additional corporate prospects.