JayThom and FanConnect Partnership

JayThom is excited to announce our partnership with FanConnect. As a spin off of 10 Foot Wave, FanConnect helps sports and entertainment clients turn their venue into a dynamic experience fans will never forget. Whether it’s IPTV or CATV featuring live game streams / broadcasts accompanied by stats and social media in the concourses, menu boards in the concessions, targeted messaging in the suites, fantasy stats at the bar, or a channel dedicated to upcoming events, FanConnect delivers dynamic digital content and video in a reliable and cost-effective manner. SportsRM and FanConnect provides the ultimate end to end digital media platform.

Click here to read the full PRNewswire release article.  

Old Xaverians selects SportsRM XPRESS and Neto

JayThom is pleased to announce the reigning VAFA Premiers have selected SportsRM XPRESS to better manage stakeholders and Neto to manage the end to end e-commerce environment. This fully integrated environment will provide the Old Xaverians with a single view of players, past players, members, sponsors, corporates etc. rather than having this data stored in separate spreadsheets.   

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn

Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, the leading business to business social media network is very exciting news for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients.

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP users, the advantage is clear – accessibility. Even without CRM’s potential new features, the overall value of being able to natively embed LinkedIn’s repertoire of professional data and social context into Microsoft CRM and Outlook is powerful all on its own and will significantly simplify the overall user experience of both of these platforms. Productivity now will be more socially minded, making it easier to gather information about your customers, competition and industry.

Carlton FC Corporate Network

The Carlton FC has gone live with their corporate network initiative. This new SportsRM solution provides a “linked in” experience for their coterie members allowing them to communicate via the corporate portal. Members display their photo and bio along with their organisations details and people can "connect" where they're members of the group. Click here to view to view the organisations that belong to the Carlton Corporate Network and see how you can become part of this prestigious group.

SportsRM XPRESS with E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

We’re excited to announce the latest releases for SportsRM XPRESS extending the platform to include the NETO E-Commerce platform and the Campaign Monitor digital marketing solution. Both these solutions are integrated with SportsRM XPRESS to provide a comprehensive environment for sports clubs and associations to manage all stakeholders, sales and digital communications. Contact JayThom to discuss how your organisation can get started from as little as $180 per month for this fully integrated e-commerce solution.