The sporting world provides a complex environment where staff, administrators and board members are expected to manage relationships from a diverse range of stakeholders. Add to this the requirement to manage this information in a global environment and you can see that a targeted solution is required. Download the overview here

SportsRM is delivered as part of the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Program where we co-sell to a global customer base with a focus on repeatability. This technology platform enables processes in:

  • Sports Organisations - all sports clubs with a need to manage events, deliver activation’s and digital inventory through to fulfilment of entitlements, tickets etc. will benefit from this solution.

  • Venues - engage deeper with charge cards used through-out the venue, seamless and enhanced client experiences and insights to identify additional revenue streams.

  • Governing Bodies - no more spreadsheets to manage participants, members, sponsors, program registrations, office holders from associations and clubs, volunteers etc.

  • Sponsors - commercial organisations managing multiple corporate agreements that can include events, game-day activations, signage etc. can now be managed with approvals for allocation and management of the guest experience.


SportsRM™ has been built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform allowing sports organisations and venues to consolidate information from all stakeholders and improve customer service while managing corporate hospitality, sponsorship, events, memberships, facility bookings, ticketing and many other internal business processes. Accessing SportsRM™ through the familiar MS Outlook application or Internet Explorer increases productivity and ensures quicker user acceptance from all your employees.

This single view of a person and organisation extends to the community where limited resources to manage these key stakeholders can be a challenge. SportsRM’s Community Hub provides the management of registrations, office holders, volunteers, grants, fundraising programs and the reward of loyalty.

While there's consistency across SportsRM™ deployments JayThom can provide separation depending on the size of your organisation with SportsRM™, SportsRM™ XPRESS and SportsRM™ for Venues providing different levels of functionality.


SportsRM™ is a comprehensive solution that has been created for larger sports organisations to manage the most complex corporate environment including stakeholders, corporate sales, sponsorship, entitlements, events, ticketing, player and official profiling, fundraising, bequests and many other areas.  The solution has been in production for over 8 years at the Collingwood FC and a number of other AFL, VFL, NRL, A-League, Netball clubs now manage their corporate environments with SportsRM™. The corporate portal allows clients to purchase assets online, allocate tickets, manage function guests and join corporate networks with the corporate network providing a "LinkedIn" type experience for coterie and special network members. 

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JayThom’s supportive approach to achieving our extensive wish list of requirements, has ensured a successful implementation of individual business units within the Club. Their ongoing continual high level of support has allowed us, to feel comfortable and assured that the SportsRM™ solution is both capable and flexible to move forward with the proposed strategic plan and vision of the club.
— Jason Reddick, Chief Financial Officer, Carlton FC.

SportsRM™ for Venues

SportsRM™ for Venues leverages all the core solutions while adding the ability to manage venues, facilities, menu's, credit cards, charge cards and a more complex ordering environment. The corporate portal provides the ability to purchase food & beverage, allocate tickets, manage charge and credit cards, manage guests. The solution separates stadium members and seasonal suite owners from casual sales by automating the allocation of events to these clients. The RSVP process provides an automated pre-sales period where seasonal clients have access to their entitlements and where the offer is declined these assets can be made available to the public.  

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Adelaide Oval has hosted both cricket and football at the highest level since Colonial times and its iconic, historic and cultural presence remains today. Now, cricket and football are bringing the two sports together at a newly developed Adelaide Oval - delivering an internationally renowned, world-class venue for the 21st Century.

Early signs have been positive, with AOSMA clients being delivered the ultimate event experience.
— Craig Menzies, Food & Beverage Manager, Adelaide Oval


SportsRM™ XPRESS provides a powerful solution for second tier sports organisations; where stakeholder management is a key focus. This solution provides all the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality along with the ability to profile and manage players, past players, officials; along with their partners, parents, and family members. 

The sponsor profiling allows you to manage not only current sponsors but also potential sponsors with visibility over the work being carried out by individuals related to this very important part of any sports organisation. The NETO e-commerce platform is fully integrated ensuring sales for memberships, merchandise, player sponsorship and events are easily added to SportsRM XPRESS from the online store.  The business directory enables you to promote corporates and sponsors via the web site.


As a committee the Creswick Football & Netball Club identified the need for a professional database management tool that we could easily customise to suit our needs. Traditionally we’ve had to use a significant number of spreadsheets to manage our current players, past players, officials, parents and members. By deploying Dynamics CRM and bringing all this data into one single database we can now easily keep each individual contact up to date and then segment into any groups we decide.

To name just a few of the groups that we can now send a customised email, text or even a letter to within a matter of minutes are:
• Current players in any team from football or netball
• Just the parents of any of the teams (and includes their names and contact details not just their children’s)
• Member lists, including those that have or haven’t paid, completed athlete medical forms, or are life members
• Sponsors and their sponsorship package details. Also the key contacts from those businesses
• Past players lists of any year or years (dating back to 1869) including not only their contact details but also game numbers, club votes and end of season club or league awards that were won

Due to having the Dynamics CRM database it has not only allowed a number of efficiencies but has also had a direct impact on generating greater revenue. After having the system for just 3 months we were able to more than double the attendance for our annual Gala Ball, compared to the previous year, because of the ability to easily communicate with all stakeholders from this single CRM environment.
— Mick Alsop (President) - Creswick Football & Netball Club