Microsoft Dynamics 365 is our customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables companies to market smarter, sell effectively and productively, and care everywhere. We provide social insights, business intelligence, and productivity with One Microsoft solutions. And we deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination.

What is CRM? Customer relationship management—often called CRM, CRM system, or CRM software — is a business solution that helps companies improve marketing, sales, and service engagement with their customers to drive organisational efficiency, while helping to improve customer experience. While the core platform provides a number of functional elements you then have the ability to build on the platform extending your deployment to cover individual business processes.

Capital Transport CRM Deployment Benefits:
Unified sales process across; multiple locations; 100 percent adoption due to ease of use; Accurate, real-time data analysis; Consistent customer service; Flexibility to support business
— Brett Arthur, National Sales Manager, Capital Transport

What can CRM do for my organisation?  CRM can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions—marketing, sales, and customer service. CRM solutions can deliver return on investment (ROI) through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

We also offer mobile CRM apps and platforms that enable you to manage your customer relationships on your mobile devices, along with tools that integrate data and reporting from social media directly into your CRM application.